Capital Gains Calculator

These calculations show the approximate capital gain taxes deferred by an individual taxpayer effectuating a Section 1031 exchange and are based upon the reinvestment of all proceeds. Always check with your CPA or tax advisor to confirm your specific capital gain taxes.

Please enter your figures in the fields provided (enter your numbers with no commas or dollar signs, for example: 500000) and click on the "Calculate" button to perform the calculations.

Original Purchase Price
Capital Improvements
Accumulated Depreciation
Sales Price $
Selling Expenses (commissions, fees, etc.) $
Mortgage Loan Balances $
State Capital Gains Tax Rate %



Original Purchase Price $
Plus: Capital Improvements $
Less: Accumulated Depreciation $
Net Adjusted Basis $
Sales Price $
Less: Net Adjusted Basis $
Less: Selling Expenses $
Capital Gain $
Depreciation Recapture @ 25% $
Federal Capital Gains @ 15% $
State Capital Gains $
Total Taxes Due $
Sales Price $
Less: Mortgage Loan Balances $
Less: Selling Expenses $
Less: Total Taxes Due $
After-Tax Cash Proceeds $